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. . . to foster advancement in the Water Works Industry . . . 

One of Our Valued 2024 Corporate Sponsors

For over 85 years, Cla-Val has been a leading manufacturer of automatic control valves, serving municipal waterworks and wastewater customers throughout the world. Our commitment to excellence and continuous improvement shows in each valve we produce and in the many new products we introduce to the marketplace each year.

Cla-Val's automatic control valves are specifically designed to meet the requirements of water utility facilities, greatly improving supply, distribution and treatment system efficiency. Our product line includes:

    • Pressure Reducing Valves
    • Water Saving Pressure Management Valves 
    • Pressure Relief and Sustaining Valves
    • Pump Control Valves
    • Level Control Valves
    • Flow Control Valves
    • Air Valves 
    • Check Valves
    • Electronic & Metering Valves

Cla-Val also manufactures a variety of electronic products that enhance the functionality of our automatic control valves. These “smart” valves combine the efficiency of hydraulic control with advanced technology electronics to provide optimum waterworks control solutions.

Cla-Val is a global company with headquarters and a 20-acre manufacturing/ foundry complex in Costa Mesa, California, in addition to offices and production facilities in Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, France, UAE, Singapore, Thailand, the UK and New Zealand. 

Monte Roberts 
District Sales Manager

Cla-Val Automatic Control Valves
1701 Placentia Avenue  •  Costa Mesa, California 92627

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